Donkey Skin (1970)

“Following the death of his beautiful wife the Queen, a King searches for a young princess to marry, promising his wife before he died that he would only marry someone more beautiful than her. After an exhaustive search, the King is convinced by his aides that the only princess that fits the bill is his own daughter, a younger spitting image of her mother… Advised by her Fairy Godmother the Princess is able to escape by hiding under a donkey’s skin, disguised as a scullery maid. In the town where the Princess is hiding out, a Prince will soon be traveling through, he searching for his true love. Some magical forces tell him to follow his heart, which if he does not listen may make him miss finding his true love, namely the Princess, known in those parts only as Donkey Skin”

– Huggo, IMDB.
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Once Upon a Time (1973)

“Maria has a new stepmother and stepsister, Mary Lou. One day Maria falls in love with a hunter she meets in the woods, who gifts her a garnet stone. Mary Lou steals the garnet stone from Maria, and tosses it down a nearby well. It’s then revealed that the hunter is actually the Prince, who announces he wishes to marry the girl who holds the garnet stone. While trying to retrieve the stone, both girls fall into the well, and they embark on a journey to find Mrs. Holle – the one whom holds the garnet stone and the way home.”

– Anonymous, IMDB.
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