Princess Castle (Golden Films, 1996)

“One day Claire is looking after her little sister Caitlin when the two sisters find a secret door under the stairs. Inside, Claire and Caitlin find an enchanted trunk, a magical locket and an invitation that whisks them away to a magical kingdom. There they meet a young boy named Antony, the son of Queen Emma. They discover that evil Queen Carlotta is looking for the magical locket, and when Caitlin is captured by The Queen, Claire and Anthony must disguise themselves to save Caitlin, and the Kingdom from Carlotta’s evil spell!”

– Claire, IMDB
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Beauty and the Beast (Golden Films, 1997)

“One day a terrible storm struck and once the storm had cleared, Beauty’s father headed off to check on his ship. While returning home, another storm struck and raged all night, so he found shelter in a strange palace. The next morning, as the merchant was leaving, he picked a single flower from the garden for Beauty, which imprisoned him with the resident of the enchanted palace, the Beast. When his horse returned alone, Beauty set off to find her father, but what awaited her was a heart that matched her own”

– Beauty and the Beast DVD Description
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