Scales: A Mermaid Tale (2017)

“Siren Phillips has lived her life thinking she’s an ordinary girl, in an ordinary town. On the eve of her twelfth birthday, however, she learns that she is destined to turn into a Mermaid at the age of twelve… To make matters worse, a group of Hunters are after her, trying to catch her. She soon becomes friends with Adam Wilts, a new boy at school, who she turns to for help… When Siren’s mother is taken, the town must rally behind her, and help her make a peaceful transition into the water, before the hunters can find out where she is

– Fromage Pictures, IMDB
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The Butterfly Lovers (2004)

The classic Chinese folklore of the Butterfly Lovers – Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai – gets an an updated rendition in this delightful full length animated feature similar to Disney’s Mulan! Back in the Jin Dynasty, when only males were allowed to attend school, Zhu, a feisty young woman disguises herself as a boy to be educated. She meets Liang and falls in love, but before she can tell him her true identity, Zhu’s parents arranged to have her marry the son of a local merchant. Undaunted, Zhu vows to defy tradition in order to follow her heart, and risk it all to be with her true love”

– The Butterfly Lovers DVD Description
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Bella Sara: Emma’s Wings (2013)

“From the creators of the huge trading card sensation, Bella Sara, comes this wonderful family adventure that takes viewers on a magical journey to “North of North.” This mythical land, once filled with beautiful horses, is now a place where earthling Emma comes face to face with the evil Ivenna, who is out to destroy the herds, steal their magic, and take possession of the land herself. It’s up to Emma and her new friend, Sara, to overcome all odds, rescue the horses, and learn her true destiny.”

– Anonymous, IMDB.
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