Once Upon a Time (1973)

“Maria has a new stepmother and stepsister, Mary Lou. One day Maria falls in love with a hunter she meets in the woods, who gifts her a garnet stone. Mary Lou steals the garnet stone from Maria, and tosses it down a nearby well. It’s then revealed that the hunter is actually the Prince, who announces he wishes to marry the girl who holds the garnet stone. While trying to retrieve the stone, both girls fall into the well, and they embark on a journey to find Mrs. Holle – the one whom holds the garnet stone and the way home.”

– Anonymous, IMDB.
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Sindy the Fairy Princess (2003)

“Sindy awakens in a fairytale land where an evil wizard is attempting to overthrow the royal family in order to stop this Prince Hugo must find his true love and marry her within the next day and receive his mother and father, the king and Queens magical powers in order to stop the wizard taking over. Sindy with the help of 3 fairies and a magical unicorn attempt to help Hugo achieve his destiny.”

– Leon Oliver, IMDB.
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