Happily Ever After (Filmation, 1990/1993)

“The Evil Queen is dead and Snow White is on her way to see the 7 dwarves when Lord Maliss, the Queen’s brother, sees her in the looking glass. He attacks her in the form of a dragon, taking Snow White’s prince to the Realm of Doom. Enlisting the aid of the dwarves’ cousins, Snow White must embark on a quest to save her true love”

– John Nickolaus, IMDB.
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Beauty and the Beast (Bevanfield Films, 1991)

“While travelling, Monsieur Du Bois is again attacked by a highwayman and brought to a château to recover under the care of Madame Bombec. Du Bois picks a rose from the château’s gardens which angers Du Bois’ mysterious host, the Beast as each flower that is picked from the garden shortens the Beast’s life by one day. The Beast agrees to let Du Bois go on the condition that he gives the Beast the thing he loves the most- his daughter Beauty; and so Beauty goes to stay at the château where she finds magic in the most unlikely of places”

– Rachel, IMDB.
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The Princess and the Goblin (1991/1994)

The story is about the adventurous Princess Irene. The princess is off playing in the woods when she is attacked by goblins pets. She is saved by a mining young warrior boy named Curdie. They quickly become friends and get into a lot of trouble. The goblins attack and Irene must rely on her own magic to save Curdie, and in turn the entire kingdom”

– Anthony Pereyra, IMDB.
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The Secret of Anastasia (UAV Entertainment, 1997)

“A teenage girl living in the ruins of the Romanov’s palace finds herself running from the Secret Police with her four magic instruments, who are all she has left of her family, whom she can’t remember. In a baggage car on a freight train, the young girl, Anastasia, finds the former General of the Tzar’s army, Vladimir Ichonovitch, stowing away in a suitcase. Ichonovitch assumes from the beginning that Anastasia is out to prove that she’s the heir to the Romanov throne, and that she wants the fortune. Anastasia, of course, knows nothing of this, but gets sucked into the con with Ichonovitch, who teaches her family history and dresses her up”

– April, IMDB.
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Beauty and the Beast (Golden Films, 1997)

“One day a terrible storm struck and once the storm had cleared, Beauty’s father headed off to check on his ship. While returning home, another storm struck and raged all night, so he found shelter in a strange palace. The next morning, as the merchant was leaving, he picked a single flower from the garden for Beauty, which imprisoned him with the resident of the enchanted palace, the Beast. When his horse returned alone, Beauty set off to find her father, but what awaited her was a heart that matched her own”

– Beauty and the Beast DVD Description
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