What is the purpose of this blog?

You know how some people are really into schlocky B-Horror movies? It’s like that, but with Princesses.

I host a movie night that showcases hilariously terrible films involving Princesses. This blog is meant to catalogue the movies my viewing group has watched, as well as the movies we’ll get around to watching some day. My hope is that anyone who’s interested in hosting their own Bad Princess Movie night can use this blog as a guide to help them track down some entertainment.

Again, I want to mention that this blog’s purpose is first and foremost a catalogue. While I’ve tried to write down some of my thoughts, the blog posts are definitely nowhere near a substantial review of each film. Please just think of this as an introduction to some of these weird and wacky films (A.K.A., start lowering those expectations, and we’ll all get-along just fine!).

Please note: Some of the movies catalogued on this blog are more mature in nature, dealing with adult situations and/or nudity. If you are a parent who is on the hunt for new movies for your kids to watch, please doublecheck my notes about the movie. I will always include a link to the film IMDB page where you can review the rating of the film.

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  1. There are a few ones that you should check out such as Tristan And Isolde, El CID or The Stolen Princess. You can find some clips on YouTube @redadoodles


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