Grimm’s Snow White (2012)

“When the King is killed by ferocious reptile beasts, his Queen takes control of the kingdom. She tries to kill her beautiful stepdaughter Snow, but she escapes into the enchanted forest.”

– Anonymous, IMDB.

Grimm’s Snow White is a 2012 American fantasy film produced by The Asylum and directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg. Goldenberg’s previous films include Sunday School Musical (2008), Princess and the Pony (2011), and Love at the Christmas Table (2012). Grimm’s Snow White was released on video-on-demand and DVD February 14, 2012, several months ahead of Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, which starred Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth, and two weeks ahead of Disney’s Mirror, Mirror, starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts.

Some thoughts from me (Potential spoilers below)…
Grimm’s Snow White was my first foray into the notorious Asylum films. One of the things that really grabbed me about this movie was the whirlwind romance of Snow White and the Prince, which is fantastic to witness. I kid you not, within the span of a single conversation the Prince falls madly in love with Snow White and decides to marry her then and there. The next time we see him the Evil Queen tells him of Snow White’s apparent death, and he begins to mourn for her as though he just lost a spouse of 50 years.

Notably, despite this being a Snow White story, there’s no sign of the seven dwarves. Their role is instead filled by elves, aka average sized humans with elf ears. I can’t help but question why? The seven dwarves are such an iconic part of the Snow White story. Despite trying to appear as though they have a large armed force, the Elves never really congregate in anything close to an ‘army’ size, so I don’t think it was a question of numbers. Maybe it just boils down to laziness of the film makers. It’s probably less effort to go into a costume warehouse and grab a bunch of generic peasant costumes that fit an average sized person than it’d be to custom fit outfits to a group of Little People. I imagine sets might have to change too, and the filmmakers would have had to think more about how they composed each shot to accommodate a variety of heights.

Much like Princess: A Modern Fairy Tale, I find a lot of what makes me laugh in this movie comes from the terrible dialogue. There’s also a fair amount of awful looking CGI, as well as some really questionable colour balancing. Overall, this is a very nice addition to any Princess Movie Night, and I’d definitely recommend people check it out.


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