Sindy the Fairy Princess (2003)

“Sindy awakens in a fairytale land where an evil wizard is attempting to overthrow the royal family in order to stop this Prince Hugo must find his true love and marry her within the next day and receive his mother and father, the king and Queens magical powers in order to stop the wizard taking over. Sindy with the help of 3 fairies and a magical unicorn attempt to help Hugo achieve his destiny.”

– Leon Oliver, IMDB.

Sindy is a British Fashion doll created in 1963 as a rival to Barbie. To quote Wikipedia: “Sindy’s wholesome look and range of fashions made it the best-selling toy in the UK in 1968 and 1970″. After an unsuccessful attempt to introduce Sindy to the U.S. in the late 70s, Hasbro bought the rights to Sindy and remodeled the toy to look “More American”. As a result, Sindy’s popularity declined and Mattel sued for copyright infringement, which was settled when Hasbro agreed to remodel Sindy’s face. Sindy’s popularity continued to decline, with Hasbro eventually returning the license to the original owners in 1999. Sindy’s 40th anniversary in 2003 saw a new manufacturer, another relaunch, and apparently, the creation of this movie. Voice actor Rik Mayall, who voiced a character in The Princess and the Goblin, appears in Sindy.

Some thoughts from me (Potential spoilers below)…
Right off the bat, I’ll mention that so far I’ve only seen this movie available in the Region 2 DVD format, meaning that North American’s won’t be able to view the film on their Region 1 DVD players. This is really unfortunate, because Sindy the Fairy Princess is easily one of my favourite Bad Princess Movies to date.

I bought Sindy the Fairy Princess for one dollar and let me tell you, it was the best dollar I ever spent. Honestly, I wish I lived in the alternate universe where Sindy somehow received the oodles of movies that the Barbie brand has. The plot of this movie isn’t terrible… I mean, it’s not great, but at it’s core it’s a pretty simple plot that makes sense. What makes Sindy terrible is in the execution. The animation is terrible, and for the most part the voice acting is as well (With the exception of Rik Mayall). There are only three voice actors in the entire movie. Kate Debenham Taylor voices every female character, while Rik Mayall and John Nettles share responsibilities for the male characters.

The songs are easily my favourite musical moments out of any Bad Princess movie I’ve seen so far. The bad lyrics, plus the visuals form the perfect storm of hilarity.

Even outside of the songs, the visuals are the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

I kid you not, these are our protagonists. That guy in the bottom image? That’s supposed to be an 18 year old handsome prince.

There’s also this unicorn with the most amazing pouty lips.

I could go on, but Sindy the Fairy Princess is probably a movie that’s best experienced, than read. It’s definitely worth the effort that it takes to track down one of those Region 2 DVD’s and convert it to a format that can be watched on your DVD/or Bluray player. You won’t regret it (Especially if you can nab it for a dollar like I did). 


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  1. I knew I wasn’t imagining things! Lately, I’ve been watching the good ol’ classic Barbie movies with my younger nieces, and suddenly had this flashbacks about a terribly animated, ugly blonde in pink singing while making meme faces, and suddenly her reflection in some random puddle turned into the face of an even uglier dude with a bowl cut that sung with even more memeable faces, from an extremely weird, hilariously terrible cgi movie that me and my siblings watched all the time, as we found it incredibly funny even as children, and couldn’t help but laugh until we were breathless every single time at that one scene.

    I couldn’t remember the name, and asked my siblings if they remembered that movie, and as nobody else got any memory of it, I started to believe maybe it was some fever dream. But no! This stuff truly exist, and it’s even more hilarious than what I remember! So much memes/reaction images in 40+ minutes, amazing.

    Also, great site! It’s totally the type of thing I adore, combining two of my favorite things: girly media, and making fun of “so had it’s good” and “so bad it’s terrible” media✨✨✨


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