The Frog Prince (Video Brinquedo, 2009)

“Beautiful but arrogant Princes Iria, the King’s only daughter, troubles to find suitors that live up to her high self image… Seeking clarity, Princess Iria confesses her dilemma to the night, and hears a voice in return! Will she magically find true love behind the illusion of vain reflections or will an arranged marriage be her fate? Everyone will be enchanted and amused at Princess Iria’s search to find prince charming in this highly entertaining animated feature of the classic tale, the princess and the frog.”

– Anonymous, IMDB.

The Frog Prince was released by the infamous Video Brinquedo, a Brazilian animation studio best known for it’s direct-to-DVD rip off of Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks films. The Frog Prince is yet another ‘coincidentally’ timed film, being released on DVD the same year that Disney released The Princess and the Frog. To quote a review of the film on Rotten Tomatoes “These motherf*****s actually had the gall to put “Vídeo Brinquedo presents” as if it was a good thing”.

Some thoughts from me (Potential spoilers below)…
The Frog Prince is another one of those movies that I flip-flop on whether it’s entertaining enough to be a part of my Bad Princess Movie line-ups. I think a big part of it is that a lot of this film is listening to people converse, and I find the dialogue more interesting than entertaining. What I find interesting about them is just how conversational they are. Characters will start talking, then go off on a tangent, then return to the original conversation topic. And that pretty much sums up every conversation in this movie! If the dialogue didn’t feel somewhat stilted, I would almost believe that it was all improvisational. And that’s not a knock at the voice actors, they’re doing all they can with their delivery, it’s the script itself that feels stilted.

It’s interesting to compare this to Video Brinquedo’s Rapunzel. In Rapunzel, the film begins with an argument between two characters that goes on for about 15 minutes (out of a 45 minute run time). You’d think for that reason alone that Rapunzel would be the harder film to watch, but that 15 min argument goes on for so long (With the same points being discussed over and over) that it become amazing through sheer grit and determination.

With The Frog Prince, the dialogue comes across more as padding. The Frog Prince is also 45 minutes long, and you’ll definitely feel every single one of those 45 minutes.

As with Rapunzel, I find The Frog Prince gets very interesting if you have any familiarity with animating in 2D animation programs like Flash, Toonboom, etc. The Frog Prince feels like it’d be right at home on a site like Newgrounds (well, maybe Newgrounds circa the early 2000s).

My recommendation for this one is to give it a watch yourself, see how you feel about The Frog Prince before adding it to your viewing line up. 


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