Princess Castle (Golden Films, 1996)

“One day Claire is looking after her little sister Caitlin when the two sisters find a secret door under the stairs. Inside, Claire and Caitlin find an enchanted trunk, a magical locket and an invitation that whisks them away to a magical kingdom. There they meet a young boy named Antony, the son of Queen Emma. They discover that evil Queen Carlotta is looking for the magical locket, and when Caitlin is captured by The Queen, Claire and Anthony must disguise themselves to save Caitlin, and the Kingdom from Carlotta’s evil spell!”

– Claire, IMDB

Princess Castle is brought to us by Golden Films. This is one of a few original stories produced by the studio. Carrying on the tradition of Golden Films movies, none of the voice actors featured in the movie are credited, though keen ears can identify the two main leads as being voiced by Debi Derriberry (Jimmy Neutron) and Cam Clarke (Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, and many more).

Some thoughts from me (Potential spoilers below)…
Princess Castle has a lot of the same things that made Golden Film’s Beauty and the Beast memorable, primarily the bad animation and songs. The plot of Princess Castle is actually a lot more competently put together, despite it being an original story. The pacing is a lot better as well. You actually get some time to process what’s happening in each scene before moving onto the next one. 

I actually kinda think Princess Castle would work as a pilot for a TV series. I can just picture something where Claire travels back and forth between the real world and the Magic Kingdom, and she has to learn to balance her responsibilities in each world. It’s not an original concept by far, but depending on how it’s handled I can see it being pretty enjoyable.

Here’s a fun game you can play with any Golden Films production: Try and keep track of how much animation is repeated. Sometimes (As with Beauty and the Beast) animation from one film is reused in another. The easiest places to spot these are in the songs.  

While Princess Castle seems pretty quaint compared to some of the other films on this blog, I think it’s worth checking out if only to see that Golden Film’s can somewhat competently pace a story.


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