The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding (2006)

“With just weeks before their royal wedding, Paige and Edvard find their relationship and the Danish monarchy in jeopardy when an old law is brought to light, stating that an unmarried heir to the throne may marry only a woman of noble blood or else he must relinquish his crown”

– Anonymous, IMDB.

The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding, is brought to us by director Catherine Cyran, who takes over the series from Martha Coolidge. Likewise, Kam Heskin, who previously appeared in Passions and Sunset Dreams, takes over the role of Paige Morgan from Julia Stiles. Ben Miller, who played Soren (The aide to King Edvard), is replaced by Jonathan Firth. Jonathan Firth, brother of Colin Firth, previously voiced Prince Rollo in The Princess and the Pea, which has also been featured on this blog. Luke Mably returns to reprise his role of King Edvard.

Some thoughts from me (Potential spoilers below)…
The Prince & Me 2 marks the beginning of the slow descent of the Prince & Me series, which I gleefully embraced. A rather large chunk of this film can be summarized as “Two grown women constantly try and one-up each other”, and it’s hilarious to watch.

To spoil the movie a bit, the main conflict in this one is that Paige and her fiance Eddie’s old friend, Princess Kirsten, enter into rivalry for Eddie’s affections. At first Kirsten appears to be a nice, normal woman, but Paige keeps finding herself the butt of multiple pranks that paint her in an un-queenly light to the public. After a good few scenes of Paige getting embarrassed, she correctly deduces that Kirsten is behind it all. When challenged, Kirsten admits to it, but also convinces Paige that Eddie won’t believe her. With the cards laid on the table, Paige and Kirsten start attempting to one-up each other in public, using their respective talents, to try and prove themselves the most suited to Eddie’s favour (All with Eddie cluelessly out of the loop).

There’s just something about seeing these two grown women act like children that’s utterly hilarious to me. I was honestly a bit sad to see it end! But alas, events (and people) conspire to drive a wedge between Paige and Eddie, which means that the cat-fight between the two leading ladies is replaced by an equally stupid plot point around legal loopholes in the Danish Constitution (Which I’m sure is 100% factual and not at all made up just to serve this movie).The Prince & Me 2 is definitely more entertainingly bad than the first film. I definitely recommend picking it up, especially if you make sure to show your guests the first film. 


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