A Princess Sydney Christmas: The Three Gold Coins (2005)

“As another Christmas rolls around, Princess Sydney longs for they joys of yesteryear. Memories of her grandfather and all the fun they had seem so far away. Every year Grandpa would give Sydney three gold coins and with the help of a Christmas fairy, Sydney would share her gift with those less fortunate. But this year, the gift of giving is nowhere to be found in the royal mansion”

– A Princess Sydney Christmas: The Three Gold Coins DVD Description

A Princess Sydney Christmas: The Three Gold Coins, is a Canadian animated film brought to us by Direct Source Special Products Inc., Filmoption International, and Tooncan. Tooncan was an animation studio based in Montreal, Quebec. Founded by Paul Cadieux, the studio worked on such titles as Charley and Mimmo, Rotten Ralph, and The Triplets of Belleville. A Princess Sydney Christmas (Alternatively titled The True Gift), is one of four films based around Princess Sydney. Her other adventures include The Legend of the Blue Rabbit, Night of the Pumpkins (Alternative Title: The Witch’s Dance), and In search of True Love.

Some thoughts from me (Potential spoilers below)…
Honestly, part of what captured my interest with this movie is how I actually had to dig a little bit to find out some information on Princess Sydney. It’s not a mistake that this entry doesn’t have a link to the IMDB page for this film, it doesn’t appear that A Princess Sydney Christmas has an entry there (Though Legend of the Blue Rabbit does). I’ve also yet to see the presumably Valentine’s Day themed Princess Sydney movie, In search of True Love, for sale anywhere. So far the only place I can find mention of it are on Filmoption International’s website, where you can attempt to purchase a copy of the film, but trying to do so results in a page saying this option is yet to become available. 

My assumption is that it might not’ve been released, as I’ve been able to track down every other one of her films save for this one. Trouble is, Filmoption’s website lists alternative titles for the Princess Sydney films that for sure have been released, so it’s entirely possible the film is out there but under a different name.

Now, onto the movie itself! Unfortunately this movie might not be worth the effort it takes to suss out information about it. This is another film that I flip flop on whether or not it’s entertaining enough to be shown at one of my movie nights. The terrible songs are probably the highlight for me. It’s a bold statement, think I can safely say they’re probably the worst songs out of any of the movies I have on this blog to date. The lyrics are downright awful, especially if you’re paying attention to the rhymes they’re trying to make. 

All that said, there are some dull parts to the film, and I have a feeling that some of the little things that I find interesting might not hold my viewer’s attention. While there are laughs to be had in this one, none of them are tremendously big. I often use the words ‘laugh-a-minute’ to describe some of the films on this blog, but I usually don’t differentiate between big laughs vs little laughs. A Princess Sydney Christmas is a film of little laughs, while something like Sindy the Fairy Princess is full of big laughs, and as a result this film is very likely to be overshadowed.

So if I had to put a definitive statement on this one, I’d say that this is a Princess movie that you’re safe to skip. I think the mystery of where this film came from is what makes this film stand out in my memory, versus anything in the actual film itself. That said, I have been surprised by the reception some of the movies I’ve flip-flopped on. If I do give in and show this one to my friends I’ll be sure to update this entry with their reaction.

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