The Prince & Me 3: A Royal Honeymoon (2008)

“King Edvard, to please Queen Paige, diverts their honeymoon to the fictional crown protectorate of Belavia. Soon they discover an underhanded plot by the ambitious Danish prime minister; hijinks abound, but Eddie, Paige, and Belavia win.”

– Anonymous, IMDB.

The Prince & Me 3: A Royal Honeymoon is brought to us by director Catherine Cyran. While Kam Heskin continues to play Paige Morgan, Chris Geere replaces Luke Mably in the role of King Edvard. The Prince & Me 3 is written by Blayne Weaver, who is best known as the modern voice of Disney’s Peter Pan, having voiced the character in The House of Mouse, Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland, and Disney Infinity.

Some thoughts from me…
As the summary mentions, the Prime Minister is sneakily trying to enact an plot that Eddie and Paige just happen to intrude on. He concludes that the best way to prevent them from discovering his plan is to distract them, ranging from the prank-like ‘Making Eddie slip in the shower’ to ‘trying to drive Eddie off a cliff in a runaway sleigh’. He also pulls some strings to inject some turmoil into their marriage. While the previous film had an old friend of Eddie arrive to make Paige jealous, this time around it’s an old friend of Paige’s who ‘coincidentally’ happens to arrive on the scene. As you might imagine, most of the laughs come from seeing these distractions play out.

Something that’s been touched on in all of The Prince & Me films so far is the presence of the tabloids/reporters and the attention they give to the royal couple. So far, every single film has a plot point about unflattering photos being taken of Paige or Eddie, which naturally leads into conflict regarding how those photos are received. In universe, this is obviously a problem that the characters have to deal with day-to-day, but in a film series it gets a little boring to see the same plot point rehashed over and over.

I’ll be honest, I did find The Prince & Me 3 a little duller compared to the second and fourth movies. I think it’s because large parts of the plot are just retreads of conflicts we’ve seen in the previous films. It’s just not as effective the second (Or sometimes third) time around. I would still recommend it though, as the movie still has some pretty laughable moments to it. Just the idea of the King and Queen of Denmark having to intervene in a Scooby-Doo-esque villain scheme makes me smile.

So check this one out! If nothing else, do it with the knowledge that the crown jewel of the series, the hilarious fourth movie, is just on the horizon. 


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