Twitches Too (2007)

“Newly reunited twin witches Alex and Camryn go on a quest to find out if their missing father is still alive and trapped in the Shadowlands. Can these two thoroughly modern princesses with polar opposite personalities join together to save the day?”

-Anonymous, IMDB

Twitches Too, released in 2007, is the sequel to the Disney Channel Made-for-TV movie, Twitches. It was first aired on October 12th 2007 as part of Disney Channels Hauntober Fest, and brought in almost 7 million viewers during its premiere. Tia and Tamera Maury return as Twin Witches Camyrn and Alex, and more importantly, PJ Pat Kelly returns to reprise his role as the magical guardian Karsh.

Some thoughts from me (Potential spoilers below…)
One of the main selling points of the original Twitches is that it was one of a few Princess movies related to Halloween. Twitches Too disappointingly does away with the Halloween theme, which was a pretty big mistake I think! When exactly is a good time to watch this film? I’m not sure if they were thinking that the Twins being witches by default made this a Halloween movie, if that’s the case then I think they really missed the mark. It would’ve been so easy to simply have this film set a year after the events of the first film and have it be Halloween again. The plot doesn’t have to revolve around the holiday, you could just throw some pumpkins into the background and I feel like that bare minimum would help this film feel like it had something more going on.

In general this film suffers from a lack of identity. Twitches Too sets up several plot points that make you think the Twins are going to be pitted against each other, that their newfound sisterhood is going to be tested and that the big conclusion is going to be them putting aside their differences, coming together as sisters once again, and using their combined magic to defeat their foes. Yes, that is basically just the first film re-done, but Twitches Too plants those same seeds but doesn’t do anything with them.

The main plot of the film is that the Twins’ evil Uncle Thantos has returned, trapped as a shadow in the Shadowlands. In order to destroy him permanently the Twins have to recite a certain spell. The hitch in that plan is that the Twins begin suspecting that their birth father, whom everyone thought Thantos had killed 20+ years ago, may also be trapped as a shadow in the Shadowlands. Unfortunately for him, the spell the Twins are told to recite does not discern between the shadows, so if the Twins use the spell to destroy Thantos it’ll also destroy their father.

So the film starts dropping hints that the Twins may be on opposites sides, that while Alex thinks their father is trapped as a shadow, Camryn does not… except, despite a few comments here and there Camryn seems to be on Alex’ side. Which makes it kind of confusing when Camryn ends up reciting the shadow-destroying spell, was she just humouring Alex that entire time? Did she simply decide destroying Thantos was necessary no matter the personal cost? They could easily have played that up a major conflict between the Twins, had it be a wedge that drives them further and further apart until that aforementioned moment where they reunite to defeat Thantos… but for some reason the film avoided all of that.

Even in the subplots, any conflict between the Twins is avoided. Alex ends up hanging out with Camryn’s ex-boyfriend, which obviously causes Camryn some jealousy… which lasts for about one scene. There’s a lot of build up in the movie by other characters about what a big deal it is that Alex is hanging around with Camryn’s ex, and yet the actual conflict takes place over one inconsequential scene which is immediately followed up by the Twins apologizing to each other and then never mentioning the fight again. While I’m glad the movie didn’t focus on this love triangle, I’m left feeling confused as to why it was in the film in the first place since it never went anywhere.

I’ve got more criticisms I could say about the movie, but to be honest this is a somewhat serviceable film. I personally have no interest in watching it again, but I imagine that there are probably people out there who are a bit more invested in these characters than am I, and for them I think this movie will be received at least somewhat adequately. I don’t think it’s a big fan favourite, but it’s also not the worst movie I’ve seen, so I feel like I do have to give it some credit.

To sum, this one isn’t really a must-watch from me, but if you’re running low on Princess movies to watch then this is an okay one to toss on. It’s not going to be a laugh riot, but it’ll give you enough to poke fun at. Maybe play this one early in the evening so you can finish off our night with a really out-there film.


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