My Sweet Monster (2021)

“Princess Barbara is secretly in love with Prince Edward. When the sneaky post clerk Weasel demands the king to marry him to Barbara, she flees. Sweet monster Boogey does everything in his might to help Barbara save the kingdom.”

– Anonymous, IMDB.

Some thoughts from me (Potential spoilers below)…

This movie popped up on my radar right around the same time that the terrible Pinocchio movie starring Pauly Shore was making it’s way around the internet. Pauly Shore also appears in this film though sadly he doesn’t have quite as memorable as a performance here as he did in Pinocchio. While his delivery as the villainous Bundy has it’s odd moments, I’m gonna give Pauly Shore a bit of credit in that it does seem like he is trying (Especially compared to some of the other voice over work present in this film).

There’s some decent talent associated with this movie, but majority of said talent gives very stilted performances. I have to imagine that maybe the voice direction was a bit lacking, or perhaps they had zero time for the actors to experiment and figure out that perfect take. This film was also dubbed into English, so maybe they were also forced to try and match the existing mouth movements?

There’s an alright, if somewhat predictable, plot to this movie… A ragtag group of characters reluctantly come together, only to find a growing respect for each other along their journey. One of the big problems is that it doesn’t really feel like these characters come together naturally. There’s just a point in the script where they need to get over their differences and start getting along, so they do. This is particularly egregious with Barbara and Bogey, who end up romantically involved by the end of the film. They’re at each others throats for a bit, but then there’s a very strange scene where Bogey forcibly carries Barbara to the top of a mountain where she witnesses the glory of mother nature. After that, Barbara is instantly on Bogey’s side, and all animosity is gone.

Overall this movie is a mix of confusing plot points and questionable voice acting… but I have to admit there’s a few interesting moments that I wish were in a better film. Small moments between Barbara and her Dad specifically, and their complicated relationship in the film. One example is when the King insists that Barbara wear a specific dress to her birthday party, a dress that Barbara dislikes because of how outdated it is. After a fight with her father, Barbara decides to rebel a bit, cutting both her hair and the dress. Barbara saunters into the throne room, revealing her new look and feeling pretty proud of herself… Until her Dad says with a sad, quiet voice about her dress: “It was your mother’s”. Barbara says nothing in return, and you can see her visibly deflate when she processes the news that she destroyed her late Mother’s dress. It’s a wonderfully animated moment, and one of the rare scenes in this movie where they understood that sometimes “less is more” with regards to the dialogue. There’s glimpses of a better movie jammed between multiple Pauly Shore songs and a bigfoot with blue hair.

I think I could safely recommend My Sweet Monster for a Bad Princess Movie night, though this is another one of those movies where most of the laughs come from the awkward dialogue. This is one you need to occasionally shush the peanut gallery for, to make sure everyone keeps up with the nonsense being dictated to you.


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