Snow White’s New Adventures (2016)

“Searching for her missing father, a young girl discovers Snow White and the Dwarfs’ hidden cottage. Her newfound friends help her follow the clues to her dad’s whereabouts, but will their adventures lead them into a trap by the evil queen, or to the ‘happily ever after’ they’ve been searching for?”

– Anonymous, IMDB.

Also known as Snow White: The New Adventure, Snow White: Dwarf force and Snow White: The Mysterious Father. The film is not to be confused with The New Adventures of Snow White, which is a sex comedy film from 1969. Snow White’s New Adventures is brought to us by Gold Valley films as part of their promise to release 2-3 animated films each year. Snow White’s New Adventures features many of the same voice actors present in Gold Valley films’ The Mermaid Princess.

Some thoughts from me (Potential spoilers below)…
Snow White’s New Adventure falls into the category of movies that I flip-flopped on whether I should show it at a movie night, as when I watched it I felt there were some dull moments. Looking back, I’m not 100% sure on why I was hesitant. While it’s not a laugh-a-minute experience, it’s still a pretty all around terrible film that brought my viewing group a lot of laughs. Any dull moments in the film were filled in by our discussion/commentary on the last hilarious thing to have happened.

Comparing this one to The Mermaid Princess, also by Gold Valley films, Snow White’s New Adventure feels a lot more cohesive plot wise. That’s more of a knock as to how meandering the plot was in The Mermaid Princess than anything. Snow White’s New Adventure has a plot thread that is set up, followed, and concluded. It’s not an especially compelling story, but it picks one plotline and sticks with it while The Mermaid Princess can’t seem to decide what story it wants to tell.

I’d definitely recommend a look at this one. I’m already eagerly anticipating the arrival of Gold Valley films’ next film in the hopes it’s just as amusing as their last two offerings.


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