The Princess Twins of Legendale (2013)

“Sheltered in the land of Eternal Daylight, Princess Dawn dreams of a world beyond the palace. Certain the forbidden Night World holds the key to her past, Dawn embarks on a mystical moonlit adventure and discovers that the two worlds were divided by an evil sorceress.”

-Anonymous, IMDB.

The Princess Twins of Legendale come to us from MGA Entertainment, the creators of Lalaloopsy and the Bratz dolls. Lalainia Lindbjerg, who voices Princess Dawn and Princess Eve, is a Canadian actress who has also voiced the character of Bulma (Dragonball, Dragonball Z), among many others. The Princess Twins of Legendale appear to be her last voice acting role to date. Nicole Oliver, who voices the villainous Queen Dune, also voices Princess Celestia on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It should be noted that both this film and Disney’s Frozen, which also star two royal sisters, came out in the same year. Frozen was released in December, while The Princess Twins of Legendale was released in August.

Some thoughts from me (Potential spoilers below)…
I think this was just a random find while perusing the Family DVD’s at my local movie store. I’m glad I stumbled across it, I really love seeing Princess films that feature an original story. Not to say that the story is ground breaking at all, just that it’s nice to see something not based on an existing fairy tale.

The animation in this one isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely a bit subpar. Likewise, the character designs aren’t great, but they’re passable. The film has a bit of a stylized look to it, which does help make it a bit more palatable. A review for the film on IMDB sums it up nicely “Not as terrible as I had hoped”. That said, while this film isn’t the worst I do feel like this one does have enough things wrong with it to be entertaining.

The voice acting in this one is actually pretty decent in my opinion, thanks to the quality voice actors. I mentioned a few of them earlier, but this movie also has Scott McNeil and Gary Chalk, two really memorable voices from my childhood (Thanks almost entirely to Beasties/Beast Wars).    Sadly, it seems as though this is the first and last Princess Twins of Legendale’s movie. I’m actually a little bummed by that, I would’ve been curious to see what else they would’ve done had the series continued As it stands, feel free to add this film to your Bad Princess Movie line-up, just don’t expect the worst out of this one.


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